About Us

Love food? HungryTrip is not a GPS, it's a food finder. It's for the person that plans their whole trip around food. If you're a foodie that loves interesting restaurants and new food adventures, HungryTrip is for you. It's about taking a tour of the best food along the best route, not just the fastest way there. These aren't just foodie destinations, they're short detours for awesome bites. Eat your way across the country, and plan a food road trip to discover the best places to eat that only locals know.

We'll help you build an entire food itinerary, even if it takes days to cover everything. You can plan every meal on your road trip so no food opportunity is wasted. You can even customize the theme. Go ahead, plan a donut road trip, or hit every tasting menu in the state and do your own restaurant ranking. Take your dream road trip to food happiness. Because it's not about the destination... It's about the journey!

Ready to eat?

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