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About Us

Love food? HungryTrip is not a GPS, it's a food finder. You're already heading somewhere, why not make it more interesting? Don't just rush to get there. Go on a quest, an adventure, discover the coolest new spots you've been passing by and never even knew were there. What if there were some amazing taco joints just off the freeway? Or a neighborhood pizza place that only the locals know, and it's literally a block away?

These aren't just foodie destinations, they're short detours for some awesome bites. Eat your way through your city, or be the one who knows all the newest restaurants that just opened, and amaze your friends with your insider knowledge. Put joy into your journey and take a food tour to find happiness. Because it's not about the destination... It's about the journey!

The Team

J.R. Johnson is a four-time start-up entrepreneur and founder of Trippy and, as well as VirtualTourist and OneTime which sold to Expedia for $85M in 2008. Trippy raised capital from Sequoia Capital, True Ventures, eVentures and SV Angel.

John Wu is the founder of Travelmath and has acquired other travel startups like NileGuide and TravelMuse. He was a member of the original NCSA Software Development Group that developed the NCSA Mosaic web browser.

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