Sushi from Cleveland to Youngstown (Ohio)

This food trip itinerary gives you restaurant recommendations for places to eat over 1 day. Starting from Cleveland, you can leave at 10:40 am and drive for about 20 minutes to the first stop.

8409 Chippewa Rd
Brecksville, OH
(440) 526-3300
  59 reviews
Asian Fusion, Japanese restaurants, Sushi
11am to 11pm
Arrive at 11:00 am. Eat for about 2 hours. Then drive for about 30 minutes.
1619 State Rt 303
Streetsboro, OH
(330) 422-1236
  128 reviews
Japanese restaurants, Steakhouses, Sushi
11am to 10:30pm
Arrive at 1:30 pm. Eat for about 2½ hours. Then drive for about 50 minutes.

Reach your destination in Youngstown around 4:50 pm after eating at 2 restaurants over 1 day. If you were to drive nonstop, it would take about an hour driving roughly 0 miles straight to Youngstown (Ohio). Looking for more restaurants? You can choose a category below if you want to do an entire road trip full of Asian Fusion, Japanese restaurants, Sushi, Steakhouses, or more. Enjoy the journey!

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